The Grass-Catcher List: Never Lose a Good Idea Again

By Bob Sadowski, APR, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, ACCO Brands

No matter how skilled or thorough you are as a planner and organizer, small things are bound to get by you from time to time. Don’t fret—it happens to the best of us!

Similarly, during the planning process, there always seem to be one or two items on your to-do list that just don’t belong. They can’t really be grouped or categorized with other items or topics, or they are simply minor in nature compared to your more highly prioritized items. Nevertheless, they still hold some importance to you and could be diamonds in the rough, so it’s not wise to totally discount them from your planning.

How do you make sure you capture these things and avoid losing them into the void? Create a grass-catcher list.

Much like the bag on your lawnmower, this grass-catcher list contains a little bit of everything. Just as the mower picks up grass trimmings, leaves, small rocks and anything else in the yard, this list is non-exclusive and a perfect place for your miscellaneous tasks or to-dos, as mentioned above. Continue reading The Grass-Catcher List: Never Lose a Good Idea Again