The New Year is a refreshing time. It feels like a chance to turn over a new leaf; be the person you’ve always wanted to be. The easy part is deciding on a few goals you’d like to reach over the next 365 days, but sticking to these goals is where it gets tricky. If you’re determined to make 2018 your year and finally stick to your resolutions, keep reading for tips to keep you on track towards a new (and improved) you!


The most important part of creating your resolutions is ensuring they are achievable. Setting unrealistic expectations is an easy way to set yourself up for failure. Try to avoid words such as “all” and “none”. For example, instead of trying to completely eradicate that bad habit of yours overnight, set measurable standards to limit it increasingly over time. This way, you will feel empowered to overcome minor hiccups and continue to strive for your goal when those pesky habits temporarily resurface for a day.

Sticking to your NY Resolutions 1


Now that you have decided what goals to set for the New Year, how will you reach them? This step can easily set you up for success. Vague commitments aren’t enough to form new habits or break bad ones. Create a measurable action plan to easily hold yourself accountable.

Bad plan: “Eat out less”

Good plan:  “Only eat out 2x /week max”


Your resolutions are not supplementary to your regular routine, they are a part of it. Include all the necessary plans and to-do’s from your resolutions in your daily schedule. Writing your plan of action in your planner allows your goals to be visualized and become concrete- thus, helping them be more achievable. The AT-A-GLANCE Harmony collection allows you to keep it all together in the most trendy and sophisticated style.

Sticking to your NY Resolutions 2


Forming and/or ridding of habits is all about repetition. A planner is the best guide to sticking to a routine. Check out these popular picks or follow our Instagram page for the latest updates.


Sometimes, we have a few too many cheat days, causing us to fall behind schedule. It’s easy to put off your resolutions until a “better time” when trying to catch up, forgetting there is no better time than the present! That is why it’s best to stay ahead to avoid throwing off your new routine. If you know you won’t have time to make it to the gym tomorrow but you have a little extra time today, go!

  1. SAY “NO”

Change is hard, especially when it’s so easy to revert back to your comfort zone. To fight the urge, you must get used to saying “no” to things that don’t benefit your goal. It is okay to make new routines with friends that are conducive to your resolutions. Chances are, they’ll enjoy something new!

New year, new chances, new you! This is your year to become the you you’ve always wanted to be. AT-A-GLANCE is here to help you plan for new resolutions and reach your goals every step of the way. Enjoy your new year and all the amazing changes and opportunities that come with it! Find the planner that works best for your schedule here. Let us know how you plan to keep up with your resolutions this year on social using #myAAG!

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