Having a rough start to your day because you overslept or couldn’t get out of bed is never a good feeling. It’s un-motivating, stressful, and can appear unprofessional. Everyone knows that one person who is always energized and ready-to-go in the morning, making exhausted co-workers wonder -how? By doing these steps below, that could be you.


Waking up is easy; staying up is the challenge. When your alarm rings it’s easy to hit snooze and roll back into your sheets. To avoid this, immediately stimulate your senses to start your day on the right track. Stimulate:

  • Your mind:

Try an alarm app

If your cell phone is your alarm, there a few apps that require you to stimulate your mind by solving a few tasks before you can shut off your alarm.

Move your alarm

Having to get out of bed to shut off your alarm forces you to get up and blood blowing, eliminating the temptation of the snooze button.

  • Your body:

Brighten the room

Open the blinds or turn on the lights as a natural way to notify your body its time to wake up.

Get energized

Eating a proper breakfast or exercising will give your body the energy and adrenaline it needs to stay up in the morning.


  • Your spirit:

Look Ahead

Whether it’s a simple cup of coffee or walking your dog, having something to look forward to in the morning will make you want to get out of bed.


Following a night routine will help you be more productive in the morning. Instead of waiting until after you wake up to pack your lunch, choose your outfit, or plan your day in your AT-A-GLANCE, do it the night before.  You’ll be surprised how much time you save.


Routines are easy to follow; once you adjust to it you’ll form a habit. Tailor your morning routine to exactly what helps you wake up. Then your mornings will be a breeze.



Don’t expect your habits to change overnight. Start by setting your alarm :15 min earlier and give your body a few days to get used to the slight adjustment. With this approach you’ll ease yourself into your goal “wake up” time and feel more rejuvenated.

Becoming a morning person isn’t easy in the beginning, but it’s something everyone can do, yourself included. Imagine how good it will feel to open your AT-A-GLANCE, be awake, and have your whole day ahead of you! Comment any other tips that have helped you wake up earlier.

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