Have you found yourself consistently telling yourself, “Tomorrow is the day”, knowing tomorrow is probably not going to be the day? It’s time to finally cut procrastination out of your routine and take back control of your time. Granted, you can never actually get back the time you wasted on alternative activities. You know, the time you couldn’t fully enjoy because of the guilt from avoiding all the things you should’ve been doing. But you can begin using your time more efficiently, creating more time for you to actually enjoy these activities without feeling bad about it.Here are 9 ways you can train yourself to stop procrastinating and start being more productive!

  1. Create a structured to-do list

The key word here is structured. What’s stressful is knowing you have an assortment of “stuff” to get done; but it’s more stressful trying to sort through that crazy list. It can be draining trying to figure out how on earth you’re supposed to fit all of those things, especially what you don’t want to do, into your already hectic schedule. Organize your to-do list in a way that’s easily digestible for you, like by priority. You’ll have a quick and easy view of what must be done today and what can wait. The more you check off, the more accomplished you’ll feel, and be less stressed tomorrow!


  1. Break your task down into smaller tasks

Nothing is more physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting than looking at a deadline for a huge project and thinking about everything you need to do for it. Looking at the big picture can be overwhelming and cause you to procrastinate, but don’t put it off until tomorrow – break it down now. Breaking down these bigger tasks into smaller ones over time will make your project look less daunting and more easily achievable. Set one day to strictly brainstorm. Set another for transferring thoughts to bullets. Separate your project in the way that works best for you. Stick to your schedule and who knows, you may even get done earlier than the deadline.


  1. Set a defined time period or deadline and publicize it

Don’t convince yourself you’ll do it tomorrow. Publicly set your deadlines to keep yourself accountable. Still struggling? Ask a friend to check in on the status of a task or schedule a date to have a project to your boss. This way, you’re more inclined to just do it.

  1. Be in the right environment

You wouldn’t be able to concentrate on reading a new book in the middle of Times Square. Just like you wouldn’t try to start a new diet the day before the holidays. Your environment can impact your actions and ability to focus. If you check out as soon as you step into the comfort of your own home, finding an alternative place to complete your tasks may be beneficial. Alternatively, if you work best surrounded by the home decor you spent countless hours creating, go home and crank out a few high priority to-dos! Being in the right kind of stimulating environment can help your motivation.

5. Get enough sleep

This one may seem obvious, but it’s something many people still don’t do. How can you expect to be motivated to do the things you have to do to if you don’t have the energy to do what you want to do? Just as your cell phone needs an adequate amount of time to recharge, so does your body.

  1. Find your purpose

Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated or uninspired, remember why that task is on your to-do list in the first place. Does it get you closer to one of your goals? Is it progressing your professional life?  Remember why you started and always visualize where you’re headed when tackling a project.

  1. Think positive

You create your own barriers which directly affect your productivity. It’s easy to get worked up over a task or project, so much that you end up convincing yourself it’ll be worse than it actually is! Start with a positive mindset – positive thoughts lead to positive results.

8. Do it

This one speaks for itself. Instead of telling yourself “I’m going to do this”, just do it! Once your to-do list is done, and you’re in the right environment with a positive mindset, you’ll get into a rhythm and be finished before you know it. Just take that first step!



  1. Create a routine

Realize how painless it is to not procrastinate and how rewarding it is to check off that to-do list. Use that feeling as your motivation to make it a habit! Set time aside in your weekly schedule to tackle those simple tasks and determine how you’ll knock out those big tasks. Soon enough, you’ll never know why you didn’t stop procrastinating earlier.

Cease your procrastination now! Find a routine that fits into your life and use these tips to guide you to an efficient future, and create time to enjoy all the experiences life has to offer. AT-A-GLANCE helps you stay organized, achieve your goals, and plan for the moments you love. It’s your today. It’s your tomorrow. It’s your life; take note of it in your AT-A-GLANCE.

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