That’s A Wrap 2016

AT-A-GLANCE Contempo 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, it makes you think – ‘what did I do this year?’ You forget all the details because the year flew by. Can you think back to your resolutions – did you do them? What about big milestones this year? What did you do to have an effect on another year?

AT-A-GLANCE is more than a tool to keep you organized. Sure, it shows you your schedule, but you can look back and reflect on all the exciting, and not so exciting, parts of your year. There are the wonderful times; like visiting friends you haven’t seen since college. There are the milestones; like adding a new member to the family – with a puppy that is. And then there are always the tough times – like moving away or remembering that one presentation that didn’t go too well. But when you look back, you realize you made it through everything and you’re doing just fine. All of these memories are documented in your planner. So when you’re wondering how you made your mark on life, just look in your AT-A-GLANCE.

We all underestimate the things we accomplish. But looking at how many things are crossed off in your planner – you realize that you’re pretty awesome and did so many things. Give yourself a pat on the back because you crushed 2016,and you know you’re going to do the same next year.

Another year has passed, realize there were plenty of great things that happened this year and more will come in 2017. Each year is special. That’s why we take pride in making planners and calendars that hold all of those precious memories. It’s almost as if your planner holds your life’s story. So with every new adventure and memory that comes your way in 2017, make sure you have your AT-A-GLANCE by your side to capture it all.

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