We care so much about our loyal fans. A lifelong relationship with AT-A-GLANCE makes us extremely grateful, and when Peter from Illinois told us he has been journaling in AT-A-GLANCE Standard Diaries for 21 years and was asking for older diaries we were eager to make him happy! Peter has been using the Standard Diary since 1995 to journal his and his family’s daily life. They are so much a part of his life he receives one each year from his mother-in-law during the holidays! The Standard Diaries are his favorite to journal in, so he asked us if we had any extras from 1990-1994 because Peter was journaling then but not using a Standard Diary and he wanted to transfer his notes into a Standard Diary to keep with the collection. Unfortunately, we don’t carry any inventory that old, but we wanted to make his dream come true. So we worked within our company to custom make him Standard Diaries for those years!

Custom Standard Diaries for Peter

Peter started journaling when his Aunt Helen passed away, she was the family storyteller and he decided to record all his family’s memories since first daughter was born. And since then, the Standard Diaries or ‘redbooks’ as his family calls them have been a part of the family’s history. Peter even told us he’ll get momentous from his kids or texts from his daughter to add to the ‘redbook’. Everything else is history, and that’s history you can find in Peter’s collection of Standard Diaries!

Peter's Standard Diary

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