The Right Ingredients

We know you’re juggling so many things in your life. You have to plan and think about work and keep track of your home! So how do you do it all? You do it with AT-A-GLANCE.

When you’re a baker, you’re always testing delicious, savory recipes while whipping up some new customer favorites. Your tools of the trade are in the kitchen. But you don’t just bake, you run a business. You need a place to hold your receipts and write down all those client deadlines. That’s where the AT-A-GLANCE calendar fits perfectly, it has a pocket for the papers and mail you need to store. Then there’s your family, and that’s when your planner comes in. It helps record and plan all your family memories, like the vacation you went on and smelling the salty beach air, while highlighting the success of your business during the year too!

Everyone has a story, use an AT-A-GLANCE to help capture yours.


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