You either stay up late or get up early; everyone falls into one those two categories. Which do you belong to?  There are so many opinions saying one is better than the other, but as long as you’re getting everything done what’s the fuss about?

We did our own investigation to get answers from Jeremy, who wakes up early, and Natalee, who stays up late, to understand some of the differences between these two lifestyles. See what they think of their productivity and what they do with their time. It’s always fun to see how the other side lives!

Our answers from the early bird, Jeremy.

  • What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
    • I don’t like to waste the first part of my day, so I wake up and I like to have a cup of coffee before the sun comes up. The best part is not feeling rushed in the morning.
  • How early do you wake up?
    • 4:30AM

  •  What’s your favorite part about waking up early?
    • Coffee and then feed the cat. Sometimes it’s not in that order depending on how angry the cat is.
  • Do you still wake up early on the weekends?
    • Yes, but not as early. I’ll usually sleep in until 5 or 5:30.
  • Do you feel like you get more accomplished in your day by waking up early?
    • Yes, it gives me time to get caught up on the news, get to work early and get things done ahead of time.
  • How is your productivity at work?
    • My whole day is productive, but I feel most productive in the morning. Because I start out early, I can get focused and in the groove for the whole day. I don’t even have an afternoon hump like some people do, but once 5:30 hits I’m ready to be out of the office!
  • What do you do at times people typically don’t?
    • Whenever I need to do laundry, I always get it done before 5AM. If I’m into a book I like to read a few chapters before getting in the shower. Lastly, I’ll get on my work email occasionally at 4:30 and work a little bit; it lets me have a real time discussion with some co-workers in China.
  • How long have you been waking up early?
    • I started getting up at 5:30AM in college because I always worked out before my 8AM classes.
  • Some people say night owls are more creative, do you agree?
    • I disagree. My creative juices actually flow most in the morning. I think each person has their own level of creativity, and it hits them at whichever time is best for them.

Our answers from the night owl, Natalee.

  • What’s your favorite part about staying up late?
    • You can always count on being awake for your favorite new TV shows that air at 10PM.
  • What time do you usually go to bed?
    • Between 1 and 2AM.
  • Anything in particular you do at night?
    • A lot of thinking, my mind opens up and I’m able to do a lot more critical and creative thinking for work. Being out of the office, I get a different outlook on things.
  • Do you go to bed super late on the weekends?
    • Not really, I go to bed about the same time every night unless there’s a special occasion.
  • Do you feel like you get more accomplished in your day by staying up late?
    • I’ll typically revisit work related things at night and take a few notes down, so the next day at work I can hone on that new perspective. Plus, I don’t feel rushed getting personal to-dos done because I don’t mind leaving the office later.
  • How is your productivity at work?
    • It’s still good, but the mornings are a little rough sometimes just because they’re mornings.
  • What do you do at times people typically don’t?
    • Have you seen the grocery lines at 11:30PM on a Wednesday? It’s great!
  • How long have you been going to bed late?
    • Forever, I think my parents gave up on bed times when I was in elementary school.
  • Some people say night owls are more creative, do you agree?
    • I think you can be an open and creative person no matter what time you go to bed or wake up.

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