New Year, New Memories

It’s 2015 and a blank canvas is in front of you! There’s a year full of opportunities to fill your AT-A-GLANCE with outstanding memories you’ll never forget. Every time you write something in your planner, you’re documenting your day. Once the month is done, you’ll be able to look back and see everything you’ve accomplished and remember all the fun you had!

AT-A-GLANCE Collection

Goals & Resolutions:

What are your big goals for 2015? Are you aiming toward a promotion at work? Running a half marathon? Starting your own blog? No matter how you’re challenging yourself, track your goals in your AT-A-GLANCE planner. Break down big goals into smaller, weekly or monthly accomplishments to check off. Write these stepping stone goals on each monthly tab or at the top of the week. After all, it’s easier to conquer big goals with baby steps.

Big Events:

What big events do you have coming up in 2015? Going on any fun vacations? Start looking, booking, and getting ready for an exciting trip ahead of time. Don’t let the time slip away before your vacation; figure out the details ahead of time so you can relax and enjoy your trip when the time comes. Have a special date planned for a wedding this year? No matter if it’s yours or if you’re attending, use your AT-A-GLANCE to schedule what you need to do before the big date. You’ll have quite a few reminders like when to buy a gift, attend a bridal shower, or book a hotel for the reception. Even a little event, like your kid jumping from elementary to middle school, make it a big deal! Plan something special to celebrate the day—go out for pizza and bowling. After all, time flies and sooner than later they’ll be in high school.

Surprising Plans with AT-A-GLANCE

New Hobbies:              

Get out of your comfort zone this year—start a new hobby and stick with it! Write down what you want to do in your AT-A-GLANCE and hold yourself accountable. Decide when you’re going to start, and write down the date in your planner. Make it an event! Who knows what will happen; if you decide to join a book club you may end up meeting your best friend.

It’s the beginning of a new year, your opportunities are endless, and this is your year! Use your AT-A-GLANCE to help you achieve anything you put your mind to! Dream big and plan for every exciting moment!

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