When holiday ads start bombarding your children before Halloween, it can be difficult to keep their focus and attention on what’s important. Just ask yourself, which is more fun: Making a holiday wish list or studying for upcoming exams? Face it—it’s hard to compete.

But with the right organizational tools and planning, you can help your children maintain their schedules and end the year as successful students.

Use our tips below to keep your children focused amidst holiday lights, Christmas music and sugar-filled cookies:

  • Maintain established routines. Use a dry erase calendar to track your family’s current schedule. Put it on the refrigerator or a central area of the house where it is in plain sight so your family can quickly and easily adjust to any holiday changes.
  • Encourage your children to keep a journal. A holiday journal is a great way to keep your child engaged during this festive season. Have them reflect on their year, what they are thankful for and what they hope to achieve in the upcoming year.
  • Divide holiday tasks. Don’t let all the responsibility fall on you. If your children are excited about the holidays, let them get involved. Create task lists that your children can help tackle to cut stress and improve efficiency.
  • Read as a family. Choose one book that your entire family can read over the holiday break. Make it a classic that can become a family tradition to read annually.
  • Promote physical activity. One of the hardest parts about the holidays is the cold weather. Encourage your child to participate in winter sports so they can maintain structure and a routine during this busy season.
  • Plan family time. One of the most important parts of the holiday season is family time. Create a monthly calendar that includes built-in family activities that allow your children to take planned breaks from school work to enjoy the holiday season.

Most importantly, give your kids a chance to be kids. Don’t stifle their excitement. Use these tools to encourage their holiday enthusiasm while keeping them focused on what’s really important.

For more productivity, planning and organizing tips for every season, check out the AT-A-GLANCE Planning Center.

[photo by Flood]

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