Sometimes it can be hard to start something new. Where do you begin? When do you begin? How do you stay on track?

It’s important when it comes to organization to take a deep breath and dive in. Don’t be intimidated and don’t get overwhelmed—it’s really much simpler than you realize.

Follow these three simple steps to better organization:

1.       Limit your organizational tools.

          • Don’t carry a phone, a blackberry, a day planner, a calendar AND a notebook. Simplify your organization by using just what makes sense.
          • We suggest a hybrid approach using your phone and a day planner. A daily planner fits easily in your purse or laptop bag and is convenient for times when you need to take notes and you’re already on the phone or on the run.
          • Use your organizing tools to track your personal schedule, professional schedule and family appointments.

2.       Organize your space.

          • It’s impossible to maintain your organization if the place you work is a mess. Give everything a “home” so that it’s easier to keep things clean.
          • Dispose of unused papers, notes and clutter in your purse, briefcase and office.
          • File away important documents using organizing accessories such as binders and filing cabinets.
          • Use a desk pad to keep track of your schedule at-a-glance.

3.       Don’t be afraid to multi-task.

          • If you’re on hold with the doctor’s office, for example, use that time to start tracking your schedule for tomorrow.
          • Waiting for the laundry to finish? Look at your wall calendar and see where you can make some schedule changes to maximize your time.
          • It’s best to multi-task when one task doesn’t require thinking. Try not to work on two things that both require your attention.

It’s been said that it only takes 21-30 days to turn something into a habit. All you have to do is commit to better organization for one full month and you’ll be on the right track for the rest of the year.

Get more productivity, planning and organizing tips for your personal and professional life by visiting the AT-A-GLANCE Planning Center.

[photo by Theophilus Photography]

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