Editor’s Note: We welcome Elizabeth Bowman of Innovatively Organized as a guest blogger this week. In today’s digital world, we frequently discuss how the combination of paper and digital planning (i.e., hybrid planning) is an optimal path for most individuals to take in order to stay productive—Elizabeth was kind enough to provide us with her Top 10 tools to help you with that productivity when using your digital devices.

With all the productivity apps available to purchase and download, it’s common to experience app overload. How do you know which apps will actually help you save time? Over the years, our team has compiled a list of our top ten time saving apps. Here is a quick look at some of our favorites:

Evernote: Virtual notebook app
Evernote is one of our favorite virtual notebook apps. It helps eliminate paper clutter, capture important information (e.g. articles, recipes, meeting notes, etc.) and keeps you organized when you’re on-the-go. The app is especially popular among Mac users.
Price: Free

Microsoft OneNote: Virtual notebook app
OneNote is the other virtual notebook app we recommend. While it is similar to Evernote, it is more robust from a task management perspective. If you already use Microsoft Office, this app may be a good fit for you.
Price: Free

Time Timer: Timer app
It may sound simple, but setting a timer can help you stay on track while you’re completing tasks. Time Timer’s app stands out above the rest because its display helps you visualize the passage of time.
Price: $2.99

Action Method: To-do list app
With Action Method, you can sync your to-do lists online, schedule tasks for the future, set reminders and categorize tasks. There is also an option to delegate tasks to coworkers, friends and family. We often recommend this to-do list app for creative and visual people.
Price: Free

Teux Deux: To-do list app
Teux Deux works best for people who are looking for a “simple” to-do list app. If you don’t check off a task scheduled for today, it will automatically move that task to tomorrow’s list.
Price: $3.00/month

ToodleDo: To-do list app
ToodleDo includes a number of features that allow you to set reminders, categorize tasks by priority and assign time estimates to tasks. An added bonus is that it syncs with Microsoft Outlook.
Price: $2.99

DocsToGo: Microsoft Office programs editing app
DocsToGo allows you to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your tablet. It’s a great way for busy professionals to stay productive on-the-go and in between meetings. Here are a few additional tips about editing documents on-the-go.
Price: $9.99

Dropbox: File sharing app
Dropbox permits team members to view and share documents virtually. This cloud-based tool is an excellent option for accessing electronic files from your office, mobile device or tablet.
Price: Free

Dragon Dictation: Voice recognition app
Dragon Dictation saves busy professionals time by eliminating the need to type. Just speak into the app and it will do the typing for you! It is especially useful for people who need to capture random thoughts while they are driving.
Price: Free

Splash ID: Password manager app
With Splash ID, you can store and lock sensitive information such as account logins and passwords. It can also filter your information for easy viewing and retrieval.
Price: $9.99

What are some of your favorite productivity apps? We’d love to hear about them!

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Bowman, President and Productivity Consultant of Innovatively Organized. She blogs about improving productivity for individuals and businesses at InnovativelyOrganized.com. If you want Elizabeth to share her tips with you, subscribe to receive her monthly newsletter.

[photo by Sean MacEntee]

2 thoughts on “10 Apps to Save Busy Professionals Time

  1. Evernote, Yelp, Clear and Dropbox Apps are some of the best apps which people generally include in there app lists. Some good apps here. You can also include Future Scheduler and Location Alerts in this productive iPhone apps list.

  2. I agree with your point that setting a timer for the work we do can help us to be in track while completing any of our task. Thanks for sharing very useful information. I will definitely install Time tracker in my smartphone.

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