By Bob Sadowski, APR, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, ACCO Brands

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “diary,” visions of John Boy Walton and Cindy Brady come to mind. I realize I’m dating myself with that comment, but I think most of you will agree—diaries are commonly associated with personal journals, and we certainly see the value in journaling.

However, there are also many uses for diaries from a business and professional perspective. Sure, they can still be used as journals, but we’ve found a lot of our customers have even more innovative uses for them. And one of the industry mainstays that they use is the Standard Journal.

Founded in 1850 by Edwin Dresser and Eben Denton, what eventually became known as the Standard Diary Company had modest beginnings in two rooms over a storefront on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. The company produced small diaries and memo books on hand-turned presses from paper carried from Boston by the owners. The rest, as they say, is history.

While I could run through the many uses for these diaries and the benefits they deliver, I want to hear from actual (or prospective) users. Let us know how you use or plan to use one of our Standard Diaries, elaborating a bit on why they would be a good fit for your needs. Do so by this FRIDAY, JULY 19 at 12 Noon EDT and you’ll be entered to WIN your own 2014 Standard Diary (Item SD381-74).

Get practical. Get creative. Get writing in that diary! Good luck!

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