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By Bob Sadowski, APR, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, ACCO Brands

If it feels like a mountain is standing in the way of your goals, it could mean you have a clutter problem.

Most will tell you that a lack of organization holds them back from reaching their potential. That’s why decluttering your work space is a must for you and everyone else wanting to increase their productivity.

Start by facing the clutter in your most frequently-used work spaces.

Here are seven easy tips for decluttering your desk, office and home:

  1. Identify the key areas of your life—spaces where you spend the most time doing your activities. This might include your office desk or your kitchen sink areas
  2. Schedule yourself a 30-minute appointment each day to reduce clutter in one specific area. Take that time to really attack the source of the clutter
  3. Decide confidently on the paper piles: file, trash, recycle
  4. Sort your mail by action types: read, pay bill, file, recycle
  5. Store away less commonly used items like staplers, books and the kitchen blender
  6. Remember the Fingertip Management rule—keep only your most commonly used items within an arm’s reach
  7. Expand out from the focal point of clutter and organize the immediate surrounding areas

Make a concerted effort to use each of the seven tips during your 30-minute declutter sessions. Having a decluttered work space increases your ability to get things done in two ways:

  • First, it increases your ability to find the files, tools and information that are important right now.
  • Second, it improves your progress by maximizing available work spaces  It’s easy to spread out and be more productive when you don’t feel boxed in by clutter.

Take a stand on your clutter this week. Start by scheduling some time-saving, clutter-killing appointments today.

[photo by Alan Cleaver]

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