Are Your Priorities in Question?

By Lissa Cupp, vice president, e-Commerce & Consumer Marketing, ACCO Brands

Prioritizing your tasks is essential if you want to accomplish your goals on a daily basis…and beyond. But like most to-do lists, every item is high priority in the owner’s eyes. So how do you determine which tasks are most imperative to accomplish?

You can start the prioritization process by asking yourself these five questions:

  1. Goals: Which item most helps you achieve your goals for the day?
  2. ROI: Which task gives you the best return on your investment of time?
  3. Results: Looking at both short-and long-term, which task yields the best results for your investment of time?
  4. Tomorrow and Beyond: Some items on your list may be good candidates for postponement. Which ones can you delay without impacting your immediate goals or affecting others?
  5. Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Which tasks give you the greatest outcome of all: Success and Happiness?

These five questions will help you categorize your tasks at hand. The next step is to place them into three buckets: most important, important but not critical, and non-critical or subject to postponement or outright deletion.

This prioritization helps you focus on the most important tasks at hand, alleviating stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Your task today: Get focused and set your priorities—the result will be a manageable to-do list and a true sense of accomplishment.

[photo by R/DV/RS]

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