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Planner and iPhone by koalazymonkey

Combine Digital and Paper Planning Tools for the Best of Both Worlds

Your paper and digital planning tools can combine to create a powerful hybrid planning system. The key to successfully using them is to capitalize on the strengths of each tool.

Digital tools offer a mechanical advantage. They simplify the management of planning data by making storage, collaboration and organization all easy, push-button processes. On the other hand, paper provides a more human experience, which compliments the personalized nature of planning. Paper and pen inspire creativity and emotionalism  perfect for defining and pursuing your dreams and goals.

Your reasons will differ for using a paper and digital planning system. Some do it by necessity—their business uses Microsoft Outlook but they still enjoy using a paper day planner. Others are evolutionary types who enjoy digital technology such as the iPhone, yet find planning more effective on paper.

Planning is never a one-size-fits-all process, so you must find which tools work best for your individual needs. Continue reading

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Create a To-Do List that Works

Everyone wants to get a little more done each day. The truth is that you will achieve more once you discover a secret to more productivity—and it comes from preparing a better to-do list.

The to-do list is the simplest, most basic element of any planning system. Everyone makes lists at one time or another, whether it’s for the grocery store, school assignments or a wish list for Santa.

As you integrate planning into your lifestyle, you must embrace the daily to-do list. When used in combination with a weekly or monthly schedule, the daily to-do or task list forms the backbone of your personal planning system. Continue reading

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Three Day Planner Tips for Improving Time Management

It’s the pot of gold at the end of the time management rainbow: Success. We seek this state of being where we feel in control of our lives, accomplishing our goals and dreams and living in a harmonious balance of work and home. Time management is the means to this end.

In its simplest meaning, time management concentrates our efforts toward the most positive outcome. It puts life in focus, by the minute, by the day, by the month and by the year.

For this reason your day planner becomes more than just a task list and a calendar—it becomes a tool for time management success. Continue reading

When in Doubt, Trim it Out…of Your Task List, That Is

By Bob Sadowski, APR, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, ACCO Brands

As the New Year gets underway, a lot of resolutions are made. According to research compiled for our infographic released in December, many of these resolutions are focused on slimming down. Waistlines aside, that’s exactly what we’re recommending you do: Slim down your task list!

Your task list is at the core of productivity and efficiency, and when it’s too large or over-burdening, your ability to plan and organize goes down the tubes. So, for this New Year, we recommend that you take the following steps to slim down and purge items on that task list in order to make it more manageable: Continue reading

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In a Rut? Get Out and Stay Out!

By Lissa Cupp, vice president, e-Commerce & Consumer Marketing, ACCO Brands

Ever feel like you’re stuck? It could be an overwhelming list of tasks keeping you from making progress. Maybe you’ve fallen victim to procrastination. Or you simply may be burned out and hit a wall. Whatever the case, becoming aware that you’re in a rut is half the battle. The other half is getting—and keeping—yourself out of that rut.

Feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by tasks at hand will drop you in a rut every time. The first step to stop and prevent this from happening is taking control of your task list. You can do this in three easy steps: Continue reading

3 Fixes for an Unproductive Week

[Editor’s note: Following is a guest blog post by Jeff Doubek]

Another unsatisfying day is turning into an unproductive week. Aren’t you tired of being in this rut?

Sure you are. But finding a fix can prove difficult in the middle of a busy week. Let me show you a few ways to dig yourself out of the rut.

Here are three symptoms of a bad week and three tips for turning it around: Continue reading