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Don’t be a Turkey—Get More Done this Week

By Bob Sadowski, APR, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, ACCO Brands

With Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday, most of us are already facing “one of those weeks.” Despite the fun, festivities and traditions that come with it, typically this week represents hectic schedules, sometimes chaotic atmospheres and a general need for more hours in the day.

There are, of course, simple steps you can take to make the upcoming extended holiday weekend one of joy. It takes good planning a little discipline, but in the broad scope of things, it is well worth the effort.

Just like other weeks, you need to start each day creating a to-do list. The to-dos of this week, however, are certain to eclipse those of a typical week, so planning and prioritizing is a must. The best way to do this while saving plenty of time to actually enjoy Thanksgiving is to estimate and stick to task times. This will allow for a more precise daily schedule to be developed and followed. Continue reading

Five Minutes or Less: All You Need to Plan Your Day

By Lissa Cupp, vice president, e-Commerce & Consumer Marketing, ACCO Brands

You wake up. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping—you already know it’s going to be a great day! But it’s not the weather or wildlife outside your window that’s making it so. It’s a mere five minutes of time that’s giving you this assurance.

Those five minutes is all the time you need to complete one important task: planning your day. Only five minutes. It’s a very small investment that gives your day direction and can make a significant difference in what you accomplish.

The simple task of planning the day ahead will help you optimize your time for maximizing the number of things you get done. It also holds you accountable for appointments, to-dos and other important information and events. If you make this single, brief effort to plan, you will find yourself needing less time each day to get organized.

How do you get started? The first step is to settle in each day, either at work or at home, and get comfortable. Before you turn on your computer, dive into your inbox or grab that pile of mail waiting for you, start your planning. During these five minutes, focus only on the day ahead, what you want and need to accomplish, scheduled meetings or events that need to be kept, and so forth. Continue reading

Take the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping Through Productive Planning

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more can be made easy, fun and stress-free with a few tips from ACCO Brands

With the start of the holiday season, stress levels are on the rise. This is particularly evident when it comes to holiday shopping, including Black Friday (Nov. 23) and Cyber Monday (Nov. 26). ACCO Brands Corporation (NYSE:ACCO), a leader in branded office and consumer products and print finishing solutions, has applied its vast experience in planning and organizing to this annual endeavor in an effort to reduce the stress it so often creates.

To help consumers get the most from their experience, the makers of industry-leading
AT-A-GLANCE®, Day-Timer® and Day Runner® productivity tools have provided several holiday shopping tips. Ranging from creating a plan to working as a team, these are designed to streamline and enhance the entire experience and keep associated stress levels at bay. Continue reading

Hybrid Approach: Balancing Digital & Paper Planning Systems

By Bob Sadowski, APR, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, ACCO Brands

With smartphones becoming smarter, laptops getting smaller yet more powerful, and tablets taking over the book, magazine and newspaper industries, it’s no surprise that electronic planning and its popularity with users of those devices is growing as well. With all the calendaring apps that come standard with most electronic devices, it seems like the natural progression from paper to digital is inevitable. But is perception a reality in this case?

Not really—paper is still alive and well, and it’s actually still the preferred medium in many industries and for tasks like records storage. Within the planning and organizing industry, paper is still thriving as well, according to our customers. Moms, students, business people, professional organizers—they all collectively tell us, “We’d be lost without our planners!” Continue reading

Questions to Ask When Selecting YOUR Planner

By Bob Sadowski, APR, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, ACCO Brands

When you make a purchase, it should be exactly what you want and need. Be it a large investment like a home or a vehicle, or something smaller like a kitchen appliance or pair of shoes, you always make sure the item meets your requirements and fulfills your ongoing needs. This is vital to remember when selecting a personal planner or organizer.

If you’ve ever shopped for a planner or organizer, you know that it’s oftentimes intimidating looking at the hundreds of different varieties. There is so much to examine and evaluate: sizes, formats and layouts, academic versus regular year, designs, colors…it’s no easy task, to say the least. And with the New Year just months away, this in-depth selection process is right around the corner for many of you. Continue reading

Get Organized: The Time is NOW!

By Bob Sadowski, APR, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, ACCO Brands

Whether it’s that buildup of paper all over your desk and floor or a backlog of e-mail in Outlook, disorganization is costing you dearly. When you lack organization in the workplace and, in many cases, the home and school, it could lead to missed deadlines, wasted time and money, increased costs and, most importantly, higher stress levels.

Before you start your attack on this beast, always remember that there is no right or wrong way to get organized. Whatever works best for you is the answer. That said, to get you headed in the right direction, we have some tips that will help you start and continue this process.

  • Start with the “big picture” in mind. Figure out your priorities, and it will be easier to organize your things.
  • Use a planning and organizing system. Eliminate scraps of paper by keeping your calendars, schedules and to-do lists in a single binder or file on your electronic device or computer.
  • Invest time to plan each day, and make it a time when you’re least likely to be distracted.
  • Make appointments with yourself. Schedule your filing time, for instance, into your planner.
  • Batch the little things. It’s most efficient to do routine chores such as reading mail and filing all at once and then get on with your life.
  • Keep your primary work area free of clutter so you can concentrate. Move your “in” box away from that area to minimize distractions.

The key is to be sure to keep the “big picture” in mind at all times. After all, organization isn’t a destination—it’s a journey.

[photo by Lara604]