That’s A Wrap 2016

AT-A-GLANCE Contempo 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, it makes you think – ‘what did I do this year?’ You forget all the details because the year flew by. Can you think back to your resolutions – did you do them? What about big milestones this year? What did you do to have an effect on another year? Continue reading That’s A Wrap 2016

A Closer Look

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AT-A-GLANCE makes planners more than bound and dated paper, they’re inherently so much more. Take a look at your planner, what’s inside? It’s not just slightly smeared graphite or ink. It’s more than the stickers or pictures in it. Your planner documents your life! It documents the time your friend came to town to visit after four years since seeing each other. It reminds you of that big presentation you did, and the days spent eagerly awaited a decision from your clients. Continue reading A Closer Look

Make Your Days Count

With every day flying by as quickly as the next, we need to tell ourselves it’s okay to pause our busy lives and enjoy the moment. We need a reminder to cherish every day and moment. Hectic schedules can make it difficult to stop and appreciate each day. After all, there’s so much more to life than just the daily things you need to get crossed off your list.  Need a few tips on how? Read these tips and make your days count. Continue reading Make Your Days Count