The History of the Trapper Keeper

Oh Snap! The History of the Trapper Keeper

Trapper Keeper—a name that is on the short-list of iconic brands that have become a part of our everyday terminology.

“Hand me a Kleenex.”

“Go make a Xerox of this article.”

“Don’t put that Q-tip too far into your ear!!”

Yes, many of us have used the term “Trapper Keeper” when referring to a number of types of binders and notebooks. But rest assured, there’s only ONE Trapper Keeper!

And what an interesting story lies behind our favorite school portfolio. Erin McCarthy, deputy editor for the popular website, pulled together a great article outlining how the Trapper Keeper came to be the iconic figure it is today. We assure that you will learn something that you previously didn’t know about Trapper Keepers, so definitely give it a look: The History of the Trapper Keeper

Tell us: What kind of Trapper Keeper did you have?

2 thoughts on “Oh Snap! The History of the Trapper Keeper

  1. Adina Wollam, M.S.

    I really miss these. I think I got my first one in grade school; it had the cat on it. My second one (in junior high) was green; I remember being jealous of all the “cool” kids who had a blue one! Any chance there could be a smaller version? My day planner binder is starting to fall apart and a mini Trapper Keeper would be a perfect replacement!

    1. Bob Sadowski Post author

      Adina, I had a blue one myself (sorry, don’t be jealous–I wouldn’t classify myself as cool!). We only have the standard size Trapper Keeper, which can still be purchased at I’ll pass along the idea of small ones to our product development team–and remember that we have a vast assortment of smaller planner covers.


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