2017 Is Around the Corner


2017 is all about making new memories and planning new experiences. Go beyond your comfort zone this year and try something new! Plan on making the most of another fun year because, you know it’ll fly by just like 2016. Now remember, with all of your exciting plans you make – write them in your AT-A-GLANCE. It’ll keep you on track, on schedule, and focused on achieving your goals. Plus there’s that one-of-a-kind rewarding feeling when you cross off all of the things you’ve accomplished. The best part is that when you look through your AT-A-GLANCE you’ll see all that you’ve done in the week, month, or year. Continue reading 2017 Is Around the Corner

That’s A Wrap 2016

AT-A-GLANCE Contempo 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, it makes you think – ‘what did I do this year?’ You forget all the details because the year flew by. Can you think back to your resolutions – did you do them? What about big milestones this year? What did you do to have an effect on another year? Continue reading That’s A Wrap 2016

Your Planner Tells A Story

Each day presents the chance to create a beautiful memory, so plan on making the most of every day you’re given. There’s only so many times when your best friend comes to visit for a fun filled, eventful weekend, or the day when your little sister gets married. Each memory has a special place in your heart and on your calendar. You want to remember everything that happened that day and relive it again.  When you capture the excitement in your AT-A-GLANCE and write it down, you’ll have a permanent reminder of all those memories. Having the details in your planner lets you walk through the moments that made your year extraordinary.

Look Into Your Planner

Relive the special days

When you pull out your AT-A-GLANCE it’s easy to remember the special days, like when you had your first child. You flip back and see that you woke up and gave your wife breakfast in bed. Then you two ran to the baby store because a few important items were missing after the shower and you knew the day was coming soon. Then you got a call from your in-laws, asking questions like always. Later that day, you and your wife talked about the upcoming week and your big project at work and after you watched your favorite Thursday night show together. You can relive all those details you record from your AT-A-GLANCE planner.

Each day has a memory — something that made you laugh or smile — so don’t let the day go by too quickly. Make your notes so you’ll always remember what those details are. When you use your AT-A-GLANCE you can remember anything and everything you write down. Everyone has a story. Use your A-GLANCE to tell yours.